Dazz gets a winter Kidbox

Dazz has been growing like a weed recently and I can’t seem to keep her in shirts or pants that are long enough. We updated her size with Kidbox just before the winter boxes shipped out, and I’m so glad we did!

This sweater by Samara was Dazz’s favorite item, and I can hardly blame her! It’s oversized and comfy and soft – perfect for sipping tea by the Christmas tree. A definite keeper!

She’s wearing the sweater with a pair of DKNY jeans from her box. They’re a cute boyfriend cut, but somehow they didn’t quite fit her right, so we ended up returning them.

This sweater from ME.N.U is incredibly soft. The ruffle and peplum detailing is spot on! We also kept this.

We have a soft spot in our heart for 7 For All Mankind jeans, and with all the leg growth Dazz has been doing, she badly needed new jeans. These also went into her closet.

Same jeans, different top. This ivory top from Bebe was beautiful! I didn’t do a good job showing the lovely lace detailing, but maybe you can see it in this thumbnail? We opted to send this one back because she has a similar top already, but it was so soft and elegant that it really was tempting to keep it. 

This was one of our favorite KidBoxes to date! Have you tried Kidbox yet? If not, you really should. You’ll thank me later. 🙂 Use my invitation link to get $25 off your first box!

Lucy’s Summer KidBox, and all the outfits she made!

All of my kids got their summer KidBoxes ON THE SAME DAY!  Well, except for Cece, who really didn’t care quite as much as the others, anyway. There was much loud rejoicing in our house, let me tell you! And lots of tissue paper flying everywhere. So you can pretty much expect lots of cute clothing pictures in the next week.

Lucy wants to lead off with her very favorite item in her box;  this sweet tunic by Urban Smalls. There are so many fun ways to style it! We tried a summery version with short shorts and flats, and a fall version, with a scarf, leggings and cute boots. This was what she wanted to wear to our first summer reading program day at the library – which is always an important day for the toads!

Outfit Details: Urban Smalls Tunic // Similar Scarf // Cotton Leggings // Similar Combat Boots

Next up is this totally on point denim button-down, with a too-cute embroidered yoke! We both love that it is 100% cotton! We paired it with the same simple cotton leggings (because we’re lazy), a bright funky headscarf, and cute strappy sandals to keep everything looking summery.

Outfit Details: Tunic // Leggings // Simple Sandals // Boho headband

Next up is this super chill pair of fleece shorts by Vingino. We paired it with an Old Navy Tank to bring out the fun heart patch on the back pocket, and our fun boho headband.

Outfit Details: Racerback Tank // Vingino shorts // Simple Sandals // Boho headband

The next item Lucy is modeling are these French Toast leggings. We loved the ruching detail all down the side, but the leggings were a bit too big for her. Also, the cute top by Butter is a sneak peak into Dazz’s KidBox.

Outfit Details: Butter soft tee // Ruched Leggings // Boho headband

These next two pieces are great together! The Junk Food tee is so fun – in place of a tag on the inside, are all the lyrics to the Beatles song. I love how versatile the circle skirt is. Lucy put it together in another more classic outfit, and it is perfect!

I couldn’t find any links for either the tee (which is Junk Food on Nordstroms) or the skirt, which is by Erge.  These skater skirts on Amazon are kind of similar.  Anywho, this outfit was really cute with Lucy’s Converse hightops.

This is the next outfit Lucy put together with the Erge skater skirt. Isn’t it great?! I love how easily the skirt totally works for vintage or punk outfits!

So much of this outfit was purchased second hand, that it was really hard to find exact outfit details, so I’m sharing some “get the look” links instead. 🙂

Get the Look: crochet blouse // skater skirt // purple belt // Flats

So there you have it! Lucy’s summer KidBox and all the great outfits we made with everything in it! Go forth and get your kid a KidBox! You’ll love it! Use my link and get $25 off your first purchase.





The Preppy Bohemian Girl and a few KidBox tips

We’re loving this Jessica Simpson Dress that Gigi got in her spring KidBox! It’s the perfect marriage of preppy and boho for summer. I can’t tell if the embroidered sleeves and yoke feel more western, or boho. The square neckline is so fresh and different, and I love that it slips over her head without unbuttoning. That’s kind of important when one is trying to get five children dressed for church on a Sunday morning!

Gigi has worn this dress so many times since the day we got it – changing up the look with different shoes. She’s worn it to church, to the park, and to a birthday party.  The chambray is very lightweight, making it a cool and comfy choice for just about any summery activity.  It comes in both a light and a dark wash denim. We’re in love with this lighter wash, for sure. If you are going to choose just one dress for your fashionista this summer, this should be the one!

Today Gigi completed her look with a floppy sun hat and lace-up ballet flats. So chic!


Dress // Shoes // Hat


As usual, we continue to be thrilled with our KidBox clothing. I want on point fashion for my kids at a great price, and KidBox really delivers. Here’s how to get the best deal with KidBox:

Use my special invitation code to get $25 off your first box.  The ordering process is a breeze – tell your stylist if there is something your kiddo doesn’t like to wear or a color you aren’t fond of. So, for example,  Cece and Stuart’s style personalities are City Cool, and all three of the bigger girls have chosen Modern Casual as their personality styles. I am not terribly fond of red, especially in kid’s clothing, and I do not like graphics, on their clothing, for the most part, so we listed those items as things to avoid on our profile for each child.

When you receive your first box, you still aren’t committed to buying anything! Take a few days, try everything on, and decide what you like. It’s incredibly easy to switch out sizes if something doesn’t fit well. After about a week, you send back everything you don’t want to keep. If you opt to keep everything, the price per item ends up averaging about $12. Then you subtract your $25 credit from The Opulent Toads invitation, and you’ve got yourself a heck of a deal. The entire KidBox sells for $98, not counting your discount, and the BabyBoxes sell for $58 pre-discount. You won’t be sorry if you give them a try!!

If there are only one or two items you really can’t live without, no worries! Keep only what you want and you’re still getting a great deal on higher end, on trend clothes delivered right to your door. No chasing kids around dressing rooms!

So really guys, #unpackhappy!


Groovy Girl


Isn’t this the cutest dress? It’s another from art & eden, thoughtfully curated for our bossy little Cece by our stylist at KidBox.

Art & eden is a new-to-me brand. A couple of fun facts that I just learned this week are that all of their fabrics and processes are completely sustainable! They use low impact dyes and ethical practices including recycled packaging. The prints in their collections are collaborations of artists from around the world. How neat is that?!

I’m just completely sold on these loud spring prints for Cece. And there are pockets, again!


Cece’s shoes are from Old Navy, in case you’re wondering.  I’m pretty envious.

While I absolutely love this dress, and all of Cece’s spring KidBox, I’m actually not going to keep much of it this time around. I signed her up for a size 2 box, but most of the items were pretty large on her, so I’m going to try getting her a subscription to the new BabyBox (that’s our special invitation link).  Fingers crossed that the outfits will be as bright and funky as her KidBox!

Parrot Perfection

We just wanted to drop in and show you these totally awesome pants Cece got in her spring KidBox! This Art & Eden print is straight out of paradise! They’re organic cotton, which I think is awesome. I love Art and Eden’s commitment to sustainable fashion, so this is a company I’m super excited to support!

We’re totally sold.

There are pockets, which are a total must-have in Two-Year-Old Fashion.  Those side ties are completely adorbs!

Outfit Deets:

Old Navy Cardi (old, through Swap.com) but I’d buy this one, this spring.
Black Tank 
Art & Eden pants
Fringe Sandals

P.S. I wanted Cece to wear her converse hightops with this outfit. She felt differently about the matter and insisted that the sandals would be a better choice. But we can always imagine how cute these would be with her outfit!

There were never such devoted sisters!

These two have been besties since the day that Lucy arrived on the scene. When they were itty-bitty, I used to say that they were like twins, except worse, because what one wasn’t going to think of getting into, the other one would. They were very useful like that.

They’ve also been thoughtful enough to wear the same size clothes ever since Lucy gave up diapers.  Which can have its pros and cons. One con is when Dazz’s KidBox arrives several days after Lucy’s and they both want to wear all the things.

But see? They worked it out.

Dazz knew from the very moment she opened her box that she wanted to keep this fringed tee from Kensie.

And Lucy was enamored with these skinnies from 7 For All Mankind, though they were a bit too big for her.

Outfit details:
Dazz is wearing White denim Riley shorts // Kensie Fringed Tee // Gladiator sandals (last year’s – similar)
Lucy is wearing 7 For All Mankind Skinnies // Circo Tank (swap.com – similar) // Flamingo Tennies

The usual scribble:

Use my KidBox invite, and we both make $25 towards our next box! There’s no commitments and no strings attached.

Use my Swap.com invitation link and get 20% off and free shipping on your first order!

Anchors Aweigh!

Gigi got this Oh-So-Sweet nautical striped dress in her spring KidBox. It’s by Le Top, and it’s everything you might want in a summer dress, complete with buttons and bows!

Donning her dress seemed to tug at her distant Norwegian Viking instincts.  Or something. Her pose is all her own, as usual. This girl!

I absolutely love the double row of buttons down the back!

Unfortunately, I can’t find this exact dress available online, but Le Top has a lot of cute options on Amazon, that are somewhat similar in style.

I also got sucked into shopping on Swap.com, hunting for the perfect sailor themed dress for Cece. Because two little sailor girls are about the only thing that I can imagine being cuter than the one I’ve currently got. There are some great options on Swap right now!

A lot of the baby items are on sale (35% off) on Swap right now, plus, as always, my invitation code nets an additional 20% off your first order, along with free shipping.

Stuart Goes Corporate

Stuart got his very first KidBox this week. He was One Happy Boy.

He’s been putting together various outfits from his spring box all week, mixing and matching the pieces to create all different looks. We haven’t gotten a ton of pictures of his outfits yet, but I’m sure we’ll be remedying that, ’cause we’re keeping the entire spring box!

He put this outfit together all on his own, on this rainy afternoon. He has pretty good tastes, right? All he really needs now is a briefcase. And a to-go coffee cup. I think we shall call this outfit Stuart Goes Corporate.
I always try to find the closest possible matches for the clothing items that the kids are wearing, but sometimes when you’re shopping around for deals, you just can’t find the exact items anymore. The shirt, belt, and shoes linked below are the exact ones that Stuart is wearing.  His shirt and shoes came to us through KidBox, and the belt was purchased new for a wedding Stuart was in. We were lucky enough to snag the shoes second hand. They’re are pretty pricey brand new, but this pair on Amazon seem like a pretty close match at a better price point.

Outfit details:

Polo Shirt // Skinny Chinos // Belt // Wingtips

As always, if you’re looking to put together a great outfit, I highly recommend checking into KidBox. When you set up your first order, you can be very specific about what your child will or won’t wear. For example, if your little guy doesn’t like the color red, they’ll never send you anything red. Your fashionista doesn’t like to wear jeans? No worries. If you don’t like to see large logos on your kids’ shirts, it’s totally not a problem.

Use my link and you get $25 toward anything you want to keep from your first box. There’s nothing to lose. There are NO styling fees! On top of all that, KidBox donates clothing to a child in need every time you keep a complete box. In Stuart’s most recent box, there were seven items for the flat rate of $98, which comes out to an average of $12 an item, with brands like 7 For All Mankind, U.S. Polo Assn and Paper, Denim & Cloth. For a busy mom who doesn’t feel like leaving her house with five children in tow to go try on clothing, KidBox is a total no-brainer.

Here’s Hollywood!

When Dazz was a baby fashionista, her late great-grandfather always announced her arrival at his house by enthusiastically proclaiming “Well, here’s Hollywood!”

Dazz’s uncle saw these pictures and reminded us of Grandpas pet name for her. Grandpa would have loved to see all of the Toads in their opulent duds, and I guarantee you that he would have had something to say about  “Hollywood” if she showed up at his house in her Almost Famous Butter tee.  <3

Dazz was very impressed with the comfort factor of the Butter Soft tee, and the Tractr jeggings. I’m telling you, Megan, our awesome KidBox stylist, really gets us. It’s nice to be so understood.

The Tractr jeggings were super soft and comfy, but my girlies are on the whispy side (the tweens normally wear slim pants and shorts), and we felt like there was a bit too much room in these (for reference, Dazz is wearing a size 8).

The Sperry’s were a lucky find at the local thrift shop. Dazz and Lucy have worn the same size shoes since they were five and three years, which makes shopping more convenient and also makes shoe sharing a very serious sport at our house!

Outfit details: Almost Famous Butter Soft tee // Tractr pull-on jeggings // Sperry Top-sider boat shoes (similar) // Amber bracelet // Gold enamel bangle // Heart pendant necklace

Love what you’re seeing from KidBox?  Sign up using our referral link, and you will get a $25 credit towards anything you purchase from your first KidBox. Give it a try! There are no commitments, and no styling fee and the return process is a breeze! You truly do only keep what you love.

The white denim skirt, a springtime essential.

Want to get this skirt for free? Sign up using our referral link, and you will get a $25 credit towards anything you purchase from your first KidBox. Give it a try! There are no commitments, and no styling fee and the return process is a breeze! You truly do only keep what you love.

This cute little white skirt came in Lucy’s spring KidBox.  Every girl needs some white denim in her life.

Fitted Racer Back Tank // Sofia Denim Skirt // Gladiator Sandals (similar)