The Preppy Bohemian Girl and a few KidBox tips

We’re loving this Jessica Simpson Dress that Gigi got in her spring KidBox! It’s the perfect marriage of preppy and boho for summer. I can’t tell if the embroidered sleeves and yoke feel more western, or boho. The square neckline is so fresh and different, and I love that it slips over her head without unbuttoning. That’s kind of important when one is trying to get five children dressed for church on a Sunday morning!

Gigi has worn this dress so many times since the day we got it – changing up the look with different shoes. She’s worn it to church, to the park, and to a birthday party.  The chambray is very lightweight, making it a cool and comfy choice for just about any summery activity.  It comes in both a light and a dark wash denim. We’re in love with this lighter wash, for sure. If you are going to choose just one dress for your fashionista this summer, this should be the one!

Today Gigi completed her look with a floppy sun hat and lace-up ballet flats. So chic!


Dress // Shoes // Hat


As usual, we continue to be thrilled with our KidBox clothing. I want on point fashion for my kids at a great price, and KidBox really delivers. Here’s how to get the best deal with KidBox:

Use my special invitation code to get $25 off your first box.  The ordering process is a breeze – tell your stylist if there is something your kiddo doesn’t like to wear or a color you aren’t fond of. So, for example,  Cece and Stuart’s style personalities are City Cool, and all three of the bigger girls have chosen Modern Casual as their personality styles. I am not terribly fond of red, especially in kid’s clothing, and I do not like graphics, on their clothing, for the most part, so we listed those items as things to avoid on our profile for each child.

When you receive your first box, you still aren’t committed to buying anything! Take a few days, try everything on, and decide what you like. It’s incredibly easy to switch out sizes if something doesn’t fit well. After about a week, you send back everything you don’t want to keep. If you opt to keep everything, the price per item ends up averaging about $12. Then you subtract your $25 credit from The Opulent Toads invitation, and you’ve got yourself a heck of a deal. The entire KidBox sells for $98, not counting your discount, and the BabyBoxes sell for $58 pre-discount. You won’t be sorry if you give them a try!!

If there are only one or two items you really can’t live without, no worries! Keep only what you want and you’re still getting a great deal on higher end, on trend clothes delivered right to your door. No chasing kids around dressing rooms!

So really guys, #unpackhappy!


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