There were never such devoted sisters!

These two have been besties since the day that Lucy arrived on the scene. When they were itty-bitty, I used to say that they were like twins, except worse, because what one wasn’t going to think of getting into, the other one would. They were very useful like that.

They’ve also been thoughtful enough to wear the same size clothes ever since Lucy gave up diapers.  Which can have its pros and cons. One con is when Dazz’s KidBox arrives several days after Lucy’s and they both want to wear all the things.

But see? They worked it out.

Dazz knew from the very moment she opened her box that she wanted to keep this fringed tee from Kensie.

And Lucy was enamored with these skinnies from 7 For All Mankind, though they were a bit too big for her.

Outfit details:
Dazz is wearing White denim Riley shorts // Kensie Fringed Tee // Gladiator sandals (last year’s – similar)
Lucy is wearing 7 For All Mankind Skinnies // Circo Tank ( – similar) // Flamingo Tennies

The usual scribble:

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